Improvement Analytics: Learning from Data to Drive Improvement

Andrew Krumm, SRI and Alicia Grunow, Carnegie

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This webinar was recorded on January 26, 2017 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

How can data be used to drive improvement? Answering this question can be complex, and as years of research on data-driven decision-making in education highlights (e.g., Coburn and Turner, 2011), data don’t drive—people do. Using data for improvement purposes requires multiple enabling conditions, such as a common aim and a series of change ideas, i.e., intentional efforts to modify the myriad factors contributing to a system’s current level of performance. In this webinar, participants will engage with worked examples of a family of measures from Carnegie’s and SRI’s improvement efforts. Specifically, webinar participants will be taken through the process of developing a working theory for improvement, which will anchor a family of measures, and shown how to develop practical measures that can be used as part of an INCLUDES project’s effort to make progress on high leverage problems that orient the NIC.